My first approach to the photography world was with a “vintage” Pentax Spotmatic that belonged to my father. I was fascinated by the sound of the shutter, by the red light of the camera obscura and by the smell of chemicals used during the manual printing process. But most of all I got to love what I discovered: a whole new language to tell stories, to fix moments, to share emotions, all without writing!

I have never thought that this passion as a child was somehow the first step into my career as a professional photographer.

I got into wedding photography about ten years ago and I have founded Framelines, which, more than simply being a photographic studio, it is to me a lifestyle. I have always been surrounded by creative photographers, travellers that just like me share the same passion for discovering the world and different cultures. I want to create a bond with people while observing them from behind the camera.

The reportage style photography became day after day a natural extension of myself.

My job is in synchrony with my understanding of what surrounds me and with my beliefs and it gives me the chance to be a visual storyteller while travelling and meeting people from all over the world.

Over many years of experience I redefined my style. Every day is an occasion to learn something new and to improve. My goal with my images is to reach people’s imagination.

During my spare time or when I am travelling I dedicate myself to my passions: landscapes photography, surfing, relaxing in front a good meal and spending some time with my closest friends.

  • Member and awarded photographer of the more prestigious international wedding associations
  • Published in different national and international magazines and blogs
  • Photography graduated, IED (European Design Institute).


Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Francesca, one of the studio’s photographers.
I have always been very passionate about the visual arts, which have always been at the core of my work and education. I became interested in photojournalism and reportage while studying Set Design abroad until it finally become my job.
I am fluent in French and in English and I have always wanted to work in an international and dynamic environment. And this is when wedding photography “happened” to me.
Like any true passion it started with sparkles and excitement and it is something I genuinely love and enjoy doing. It gives me the chance to join my passion for photography and visual arts with the endless opportunities every shooting offers: being creative, constant development and the chance to experiment.
Photojournalism is my thing and I will never be tired to repeat it (this is why 50mm and 85mm lens are my cup of tea!).
When not at work I enjoy exploring my artistic side, I have a positive attitude and I am very curious about what every experience can offer me. I take inspiration from every day life and this is why I love travelling and discover new places and cultures. I am particularly fascinated by Northern Europe, which always have to offer new and stimulating ideas.
My drawer is full of dreams and I am working towards their realisation.

  • Graduated in Theatre Set Design, Art Academy of Fine and Visual Art, Perugia, Italy
  • Master Degree in Set Design, Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, Tallinn, Estonia


Team of professionals based in Rome who share a common passion: photography. Each one of them comes with a different experience, a personal baggage of stories and life style which makes this a unique mix. Framelines photography reflects its photographers’s personal eclecticism.
For this reason forget posing and static portraits because we are interested in contemporary photojournalism. This is our language. The reporter is the artist that, with a sensible eye, will catch the right moment, the details, the light in which you will be framed.
Your wedding will become a story inside the story. And you will be the one telling this tale: with your eyes, your movements, your emotions. And we will be following you without invading your space, on tiptoe, catching the moments of your special, unique, unforgettable day. Our shots will become your memories.
We will take care of the whole process including post-production and printing. Our professionalism, our creativity, as well as the most advanced technological tools, will be at your disposal to guarantee you just the best.

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