Giardini of Principessa, Ravello

Blanka and Peter had a very nice intimate wedding in Ravello, a quaint little town situated on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy in the province of Salerno, Campania with approximately 2,500 inhabitants. We came to know this couple through the Wedding Planner, Distinctive Italy Weddings and were fortunate enough to be invited as official photographers to do the wedding photo reportage. Since we specialize in Italy Destination weddings, we were too happy to accept the invitation. And off we go to the ravishing Ravello with the coveted status of the Italian photographer for the marriage of Blanka and Peter.
Eager to prove that we are indeed the best wedding photographer around Amalfi coast we made sure we arrived way ahead in time. The couple chose the Giardini of Principessa for the civil ceremony. The view from the venue was spectacular and magical. Blanka handpicked every detail of the wedding. She got ready in a boutique hotel in the heart of Ravello that offered a breathtaking view on the Amalfi Coast. After that, the guests gathered at a luxurious five star hotel created from a past 11th-century palace perched on cliffs beside the Amalfi Coast well known for the best infinity pool in the world.

Ravello_Wedding_PhotographerRavello_Wedding_PhotographyWedding_Photographer_RavelloRavello_Wedding_Photographer_005Getting-Ready_Caruso-HotelRavello_Wedding_Photographer_008Caruso-Hotel-Ravello_getting-readyWedding_RavelloRavello_Wedding_Photographer_011Ravello_Wedding_Photographer_012Bar-RavelloBride Preparations Caruso Hotelbride portrait Hotel Caruso

No matter how beautiful a wedding location is it is never complete without a glowing bride, she wears an haute couture Victoria Kay bridal gown. In this case, Blanka was poised and brought that much-needed élan to the venue. The stunning view from the venue paled in comparison to her stylish demeanor and classy look. The arrival of the bride accompanied by the bridegroom took everyone’s breath away. Blanka was not only a ravishing beauty but also had good taste. Peter appeared to be the happiest person on earth. It was such a pleasure just to watch him whispering sweet nothings in Blanka’s ears. The wedding images of Blanka and Peter struck a cord with us as we truly felt that we deserved to be the awarded photographer around Amalfi Coast. The images tell stories for a long time to come. So we put our hearts and souls into this most intimate wedding we had ever been. The couple thanked us for the stunning photographs and our professionalism. The friendliness of the couple and the cooperation of the family members made it possible for us to demand materials arranged in ways that would make it appear in the pictures.

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We must admit that we were impressed by the wedding venue chosen by the couple. Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO-listed landscape lined with very small towns settled between mountains and sea. Surrounded by stunning views this place is a paradise on earth. The magical skies offer everything for a just-married couple that is about to start their married lives together. Little wonder then that these days many couples choose the Amalfi Coast in Italy as their wedding destination. Some even end up doing a mini honeymoon and explore the sights and sounds of this marvelous location.

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