If you either want to get married or elope in Italy and you do not know where to begin (and frankly, with more than 36.000 churches on site, who could blame you?), you might want to take a look at this cool set of infographics that will help you discovering  unique churches from North to South – islands included –  that are the typical unusual places nobody tells you about. In this infographic we focused on Italy’s off-the-grid churches for weddings by the sea;  spectacular cathedrals, romanic abbeys, medieval frescoed churches and rustic chapels, all of them having one thing in common: the wide and astonishing background of the mediterranean sea. From the beautiful S.Pietro’s structure of Portovenere to the little and rustic church in Marettimo, a secluded and heavenly island you can just dream of located in Sicily; from the Abbey of San Giovanni Venere to the west facing church of La Maddalena (and believe us,  it is perfect if you are an adventurous couple!), you will discover 16 ancient and religious sites that are the most unusual and unique churches where to tie the knot, completely immersed in the paradisiacal settings facing the sea.

If you fell in love with this infographic you can’t miss the one about the inland most underrated small churches in Italy. Forget about high heels and be ready to pack your trekking outfit, some of them are really off the beaten paths!

By the way, do you already know what you need for celebrating your catholic wedding ceremony in Italy?

  • Italian catholic ceremonies for foreigners are possible but both you and your partner must be catholic.
  • Some of the churches in Italy are highly demanded, therefore in the weekends (especially in summertime) they could be already booked for events years before the wedding.
  • Planning a catholic wedding in Italy can be a very long process, for this reason we recommend you to start organizing the documents 6/8 months before the wedding (or even more if you are getting married in a very popular church). Churches should have your paperworks at least two months before the wedding.

Illustration by Francesca Vitulano

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