Portovenere & Cinque Terre Wedding Photography

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018 | Destinations

Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre and Portovenere Wedding Photographer

Some of the best locations for coastal weddings in Italy are surely the Cinque Terre villages and Portovenere. Thanks to their strategic west-facing position sheltered from the cold northern wind, the bright coloured villages of Cinque Terre are perched in the terraced territory. Since the 1960s, the territory has been one of the best known locations for a high-quality tourist experience in Italy. If you get married in Cinque Terre, a professIonal wedding photographer can suggest the best settings to have arty, creative photos of your wedding.




Get married in Doria Castle

Portovenere is one of those places that feels like home. Portovenere is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, although it is not part of the Cinque Terre area (but very close to it); it is the most well known village of the Gulf of Poet. The coloured tower houses and the intimate position are the most appreciated features of this lovely Italian village by the sea. An outdoor civil ceremony in Doria Castle is just magical. The road is uphill, but the view is worth it! If you are looking for a coastal church in Italy, the catholic church of St. Peter in Portovenere, perched on a cliff, is one of the most romantic places for a religious ceremony by the sea in Italy.



The way of love

Despite the large number of travellers that visit Riomaggiore all year round, this little village has maintained its authentic and laid back vibe, typical of a medieval fishing village. From the south, Riomaggiore is the first village of Cinque Terre that you will come to. The best places to take photos in Riomaggiore are surely the ones that capture the typical Riomaggiore setting of pastel coloured houses and narrow streets. The famous path ‘Way of Love’ starts in Riomaggiore



The sandy beach village

Monterosso al Mare is the northernmost village of Cinque Terre. Well connected by train and boat, this little gem is the only one which has a sandy beach. Monterosso boasts two sides: the first is more ancient with colored houses and a laid back atmosphere; on the other hand plenty of tourist places can be found with all the facilities of a modern village. This makes a wedding in Monterosso easier if you have a lot of guests.



The terrific panorama

Thanks to the dramatic coastline, the colourful fishing village and the terrific postcard panorama, Vernazza is one of the most iconic villages of Cinque Terre. Vernazza is chosen every year by overseas couples for an intimate wedding or romantic elopement by the sea in Italy. Say “I do” in a location that incorporates the real essence of Italy.



The wine village

Manarola is a village built by ancient Romans on rich soil surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. If you plan a destination wedding in Manarola, you can live out your romantic Italian dream between the streets lined with pastel–colored tower houses and the dramatic rocky coastline. For a religious ceremony, there is the 14th century church, but if you are looking for a civil ceremony, the town hall terrace is the place to say “I do”, as it boasts one of those panoramas you will remember forever.



And its 377 steps

Corniglia is the only Cinque Terre village perched on a hill and is connected to the Mediterranean by “la Lardiana“; a path that consists of 377 steps! For your destination wedding by the sea in Italy, Cinque Terre can be framed in the picturesque background of Corniglia. This village offers: terraced restaurants, gothic churches and high-end hotels overlooking the sea, where you can watch the sunset from above.



The scenery of Cinque Terre is unique. The villages of Monterosso, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Portovenere boast the most breathtaking panoramas in Italy. Perched in a prominent position facing the sun are those places that make your romantic dreams in the Italian Riviera unforgettable. The pastel-coloured houses, the Way of Love, and the magical fishing village atmosphere provide the iconic background for your destination wedding.


If you are looking for a wedding location by the sea in Italy, Cinque Terre are perfect for your romantic getaway. Most of the civil ceremonies can be performed outside and often with a panoramic background. In Portovenere you can marry in a castle ruins overlooking the Mediterranean sea at sunset. Isn’t it romantic? Manarola town hall boasts a lovely terrace with a great view over the pastel-coloured houses. Cinque Terre also have a great selection of churches by the sea.


More and more couples choose Cinque Terre, not only as a place to get married or elope, but also for the start of their romantic honeymoon in Italy. You will become immersed in the culture of five iconic villages with clear blue sea, pastel-coloured houses and delicious fresh food. For those of you that don’t wish to remain in a luxury hotel with a view, you can experience the hidden hiking paths which wind between the sea and vineyards, as well as take a trip on the boat tour for a plunge in a secluded cove.