Steeped in rich history, boasting famous, utterly priceless art, and adept at wooing visitors with the magical vibes of a Mediterranean city, Rome is the perfect location for a photoshoot. But you’re looking for top tips, right? Keep reading and we’ll reveal our three best pointers for bossing an awesome photoshoot in beautiful Rome. Whether you’re looking for an engagement shoot and honeymoon reel, photos of your elopement or solo trip, a surprise proposal photographer  or even some professional wedding photos in the City of Love, we’ll give you the deets! Leave the photography to us, and you can focus on these top tips!

In short, our three top tips are:


Our mission (and your mission too, if you choose to accept it!) is to create timeless photos by combining the best iconic places for a photoshoot in Rome and the cosy backstreets hidden away from the bustling touristy areas. If you haven’t yet found the location that reflects your style, we’ll help! Just drop us a line and based on your time of the year and what you are looking for, we create a bespoke itinerary for every photoshoot. After all, personalising photoshoots (see top tip no.3… be flexible!) is what makes them unique.

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When the day of the photoshoot is approaching, you might get jitters about how you look in the photos and be wondering whether you should act natural and play it cool or go for all-out selfie-style posing. Don’t sweat it! Most people get nervous – especially if it’s their first time at a photoshoot with a professional photographer, which leads us onto top tip no.1…

How to pose for photos? Be comfortable in front of the camera.

How to prepare for a couple photoshoot?” or “I’m a bit shy so will I be comfortable in front of a camera?” We hear this a lot. Our advice? Don’t overthink it. We’re not judging you or judging how you look and act. We’re here to create a high-quality photoshoot for you, and remember that Rome is a super fun city… you can stroll around, experience the locality, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere, so don’t stress, take a few deep breaths, and you’ll start to feel more at ease. If you feel more comfortable having your hair and makeup done professionally, ask us to hire for you someone to take care of your look to eliminate the stresses on the day. And remember… us photographers know the city like the back of our hands, so trust us!

  • Firstly, after you decide to hire us as your professional photographers, we start to form a relationship with you from the very first contact. This way, we can get to know you better, and learn about your likes and dislikes. It’s important for us to understand why you’re doing the photoshoot. We want to capture you, but we also want to take snapshots of your personality and inner emotions. Don’t worry so much about what you’ll look like on camera, but instead, focus on what you want to tell. What story do you want to portray? For example, if you’re doing a romantic couple photoshoot, try to think about the love and romance you’re experiencing, and that will help you portray your emotions in the photographs. But remember, be authentic and move it! It’s important to move around and be natural in front of the camera instead of being static and standing still. (If you’re asking for our opinions, a flowy, summery dress is perfect for adding that little bit of movement and uniqueness to a photo. )
  • The day of the photoshoot, we like to take time to ‘warm up’ just like actors would before a performance. That way, you can take the first ten minutes to get used to the camera. It’s not scary, we promise! You should arrive at least five minutes before your scheduled session. Organise how you’ll travel to the photoshoot in advance so that you’re not rushing around and out of breath when you arrive! These first few minutes are a great way for us to chat and introduce each other.You can always let us know your address in Rome, and we’ll advise on the best meeting points and routes for you to take. To avoid getting stuck in traffic jams in bustling Rome, book to stay somewhere in the centre near public transport, and you’ll find that almost all of the best places are within walking distance. Our advice? The best areas to find great hotels and Airbnbs are Tastaccio District, Monti District, Navona Square, Trastevere and Spanish Steps.
  • If you’re in it for the long haul and you’ve booked a few hours-long photoshoot, you’ll definitely need time for a rest break and refreshments. Don’t be worried about asking the photographer for a coffee break! We know all the best places for a tasty coffei or a delicious gelato, and this break can be the perfect opportunity for a street-style photo too.

What should I wear for a Photoshoot in Rome? Be stylish but be you.

 Take time to talk to the photographer before the photoshoot to decide what the style should be. Are you going for a casual look or something more romantic? We focus on emotions and connections between people (which photos are great at portraying) far more than fancy outfits, but it’s so important to feel good in what you’re wearing. If you’ve not yet decided on your style and itinerary, read The Best Places for a Photoshoot in Rome.

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  • Our go-to piece of advice? Wear comfortable shoes. Whether your photoshoot is for an engagement or honeymoon, you may need to walk some distance between shoot locations or particuar areas to get the right shot. Most photoshoots involve two kilometres of walking so if you can’t walk far, we’re happy to book a cab. Rome streets are full of unique cobblestones so forget those strappy sandals or high heels! If you want to wear formal shoes for your photoshoot, it’s best to bring some trainers to wear when walking between shoot locations.
  • The best colour to complement the Roman surroundings? Well, that’s all down to personal preference, but remember that Rome has sultry pastel colours like yellows, reds and oranges so combine those with white, ivory or nude tones to be sure you fit in. However, warm colours also work perfectly, so incorporate reds, roses, violets, yellows, oranges and greens into your outfit and you’re sure to produce some beautiful photos from your shoot in Rome.In the matter of climate , when in Rome in Summertime, expect to find a hot and humid weather. We suggest wearing organic fabric as linen, silk and 100% cotton clothing.If you’re struggling to find an outfit or don’t want to crease up your best dress in your suitcase, we’d suggest “La Rinascente”, “Castel Romano Designer Outlet“, shops in Via del Corso and Via dei Baullari and even more shops in Via Del Governo Vecchio. You can find some super stylish, unique dresses in these places.
  • Something you shouldn’t wear? T-shirts with logos are a big no-no in our books! Also greys and browns are a little too neutral and will blend in with the surroundings too much, so avoid those. Try to coordinate a colour palette rather than wearing an outfit with complicated patterns.
  • Accessorizes yes or no? Yes, but with moderation. Flowers are always a nice touch to a photoshoot, but if you’re looking for a bouquet on a budget or some flowers to accessorise, we’d recommend visiting Campo de’Fiori market and asking the experts for a simple bespoke bouquet. Don’t forget that flower crowns are super pretty, and will add that special touch to your hair.

When is the best time for a photoshoot in Rome?

 Flexibility in a big city is a always important – especially if you’re planning your photoshoot in Rome during the busiest months (which are May, June and July.

  • Consider the time of day. The best times for photoshoots are early in the morning (and very, very early in summertime!). We’re talking 7am in winter and 6am in summer. This will allow you to take full advantage of the beautiful skylines and atmosphere. Not only that, but you can also avoid the touristy crowds, which can sometimes make photoshoots a little trickier! Morning light is beautiful – Rome is built on seven hills and not all of the photoshoot spots work as well in the afternoon light as they do in the morning.
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  • Be prepared to be flexible with the date of your photoshoot. Rome never sleeps, and it’s home to thousands of tourists, so there are sometimes events and strikes in the city. Therefore, we may occasionally need to move the day of your photoshoot. It’s best to avoid Navona Square the afternoon of 6th January, Colosseum and Forum Area the1st May and 2nd June, and avoid the River Banks on Tiberina Island in particular from June to September because the Tiber banks host under the stars restaurants and the open air cinema.
  • Some sites in Rome require advance permission to have photoshoots in the area, and some even need up to a month’s notice and may charge a small fee. Therefore, please let us know in advance of any locations for the photoshoot. The sites that require permission for access include some archeological sites, Villa D’Este and Villa Adriana, museums and the Vatican Square.
  • Worried that the heavens will open? Weather it is not a problem in Rome but it is a little unpredictable, as with anywhere across the globe. Transparent umbrellas can actually add some props and uniqueness to your photoshoot, and if you’ve planned a wedding photoshoot with guests so you can’t change the date, don’t worry – we’ve done many photoshoots with people singing in the rain!

So if our top tips for a successful photoshoot have got you in the photography mood and you’re feeling more prepared for the event, contact Framelines to learn more about hiring us as yours engagement photographers in Rome and you can book a photoshoot with us today.