Umbria Wedding Photography

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Plunge into the unspoiled nature of Italy’s green heart and discover the untouched beauty of a little central region. A wedding in Umbria means peace, charm and an authentic atmosphere. Not as well known as Tuscany, but equally rich in artistic heritage, Umbria is the perfect backdrop for your wedding if you are looking for a paradise off the beaten track immersed in nature. Francesca grew up here, and having a local wedding photographer in Umbria with a vast knowledge of the territory is an opportunity you can’t miss!

Get married in Italy’s green heart





Etruscan Jewel

Perugia, Umbria’s capital, is an Etruscan and Medieval jewel, perfect for your destination wedding in Umbria. Well connected to Rome and Florence by train, Perugia is the kind of city you could not easily forget. With a vibrant atmosphere, Perugia will offer you endless options for your dream wedding in Umbria: farm weddings, relaxation with city views, or charming agritourism.


Get married in an old monastery or in a winery resort

These two lovely cities are the must-visit destinations which you can find in every tourist guide. Umbria’s two gems are well known for their artistic heritage, and the authentic seasonal food and wine experience is famous worldwide. Getting married in Orvieto and Todi is as good as getting married at home thanks to the familiar, warm nature of the local people. There are beautifully manicured gardens and olive groves, and the charming hamlets offer you the possibility to get married in an old monastery or in a winery resort in Orvieto!


Charming castle wedding in Umbria

Citta di Castello, Italy’s number one location regarding castles and historic houses, is the most popular city for those couples looking for a charming castle wedding in Umbria without abandoning the idea of being immersed in the stunning natural scenery. The town hall with its stone structure is just superb for a civil ceremony, and if you wish for a religious ceremony in Umbria, you just need to choose one of the beautiful romantic churches in the area.


Truffles paradise

This is Francesca’s hometown, and because of this, we have home court advantage, literally. If you dream of a gorgeous city perched in a prominent position with few tourists around, a wedding in Gubbio is what you are looking for. Gubbio is close to the border with the Le Marche region and boasts a great artistic heritage unique to Umbria, because its roots are firmly anchored in Celtic traditions. The area is full of luxurious medieval castles and high-end locations. The food experience is divine; truffles, mushrooms and handmade pasta are the pride of the ancient traditional cuisine. Avoid getting married around the 15th of May, because every year since around 1160 “La Festa dei Ceri” blocks the city.


Get married in a luxurious hamlet

As wedding photographers in Umbria, we recommend Titignano as the most luxurious hamlet for weddings in Italy. A wedding in Titignano is more than you could wish for. An ancient medieval castle with its finely restored hamlet, overlooking the rich countryside, as well as Corbara lake, offers all you need for your fairytale rustic wedding: rooms, a nuptial suite, a little church or a stunning platform for a civil ceremony, and a romantic reception set up in the main square of the village for an unforgettable dinner under the stars.


Classy refined atmosphere

Spello is a little town internationally well known for the magical flower display “Infiorata di Spello” that unites artists from all over to create a masterpiece of flowers on the roads of the town. A wedding in Spello is a refined occasion with elegance and a classy location perfect for an intimate wedding or an elopement.


Unspoiled east side – Get married in an ancient abbey
Camera pinta

A wedding in Trevi or Spoleto means breathtaking scenery, and there is a refurbished olive mill located on the unspoiled east side. If you are thinking of getting married in an ancient abbey or in a charming Agriturismo, this is the place for you. From the railway, you can enjoy the best views of Trevi, which looks similar to the village in Lord of the Rings, Minas Tirith, because of the way it is vertically developed. During the summertime, Spoleto hosts one of the most internationally well known music-dance-theatre festivals, “Il festival dei due mondi”.


Hilltop gem & boutique wine hotels

Getting married in Montefalco and Bevagna is a chance to explore two little towns perched at the top of the hill with stunning panoramas across the Umbrian countryside. You cannot leave Montefalco without tasting a glass of red Sagrantino wine, or Bevagna without experiencing “Le gaite festival”. As wedding photographers in Umbria, we suggest you get married in one of these hilltop locations, and if you plan a simple wedding for just the two of you, what about one of the charming boutique wine hotels as the background for your wedding photos?


Romantic destination for eloping in Umbria

Valnerina is such a romantic destination if you wish to elope in Umbria, but also a perfect solution if you want to plan your wedding far away from the crowded cities. Along the river Nera, there are fewer prettier places than Narni, Ferentillo and Norcia, which make the perfect background for your wedding in Umbria. At the border with Lazio, you can find a terrific lake named “Piediluco”  and you can get married the little Labro village overlooking this magnificient panorama.



Historic Sights


The quintessential beauty of Umbria is its authenticity, and the fact that it keeps the old traditions alive without too much tourism. The food experience, the numerous festivals, the old religious ways of celebrating traditional days remain untouched over the years. Getting married in this location gives you the chance to discover an Italian region off the beaten track. An added bonus is the fact that there is a local wedding photographer in Umbria (for that we can help!) who will guide you through the choices of the best places to get married in this idyllic location named “the green heart of Italy”.

Venue and Locations


Local seasonal food is at the heart of Umbria’s “cucina contadina”, where the simplicity of the ingredients transformed into gourmet dishes will delight your senses.
Umbria is one of the richest regions in Italy, where you could eat truffles that taste divine in every meal preparation (especially with hand-made fettuccine).
Your wedding reception will surely be a success!
Compared to Tuscany or other Italian regions popular with tourists, Umbria has more affordable prices, providing the opportunity to have a high-quality culinary experience even with a limited budget.



Umbria is divided into two sides; one adjacent to Tuscany with sweet rolling hills and hilltop medieval towns; the other on the east/south-east is pure, natural, unspoiled land with dramatic mountains and pretty villages. Here the winter is snowy, dark and cold, but the misty atmosphere is what we love, if you want to elope in the wild in Umbria, Italy. Exchanging your vows at the top of a mountain, or under a big waterfall can be an occasion to turn your experience as well as your wedding photos into something extraordinary and memorable for years to come.