Historic residence in Cilento for a quality Italy wedding


What’s not to love about an authentic alternative to an Amalfi Coast wedding? I’m kicking off the month with Dan and Tamara’s nuptials that will sweep you away: an Italy wedding to be remembered for its bewitching historic residence in Cilento, upbeat guests, and the bride and groom’s electrifying vibes.
I’ve noticed – and I’m sure you have too – that after the pandemic years and multiple lockdowns, people have wished for brighter days and made the effort to have more positive experiences. People have learned to turn down time-wasting requests, and the unnecessary daily races have come to a halt in preference of quality time with family and friends. As an Italy wedding photographer, I’ve noticed the same behaviors reflected even in our professional field. I can imagine how stressful the months in the lead up to the big day can get (especially if you choose to tie the knot abroad) but lately around 80% of our couples aren’t getting stressed over guest lists and venues when planning an Italy wedding. Couples are now more thoughtful than ever about not only who they celebrate with, but also how and where.

The story of Dan and Tamara perfectly reflects these new vibes: they’re looking for spending a quality, memorable weekend with their inner circle of family and friends, and their unique path to the wedding became a moment of sharing and building ravishing memories. They gifted a mini-holiday to their tribe chilling together in a picturesque place, and Dan, Tamara and their guests were able to forget fast-paced daily life and, instead, switched off and thoroughly immersed themselves in the unique wedding experience.
They flew from the UK to the southern part of Campania, and they got married in a historic residence in Cilento, Casino di Mare in Castellabate. Due to its southern position and distance from the glittering vibes that emphasize an Amalfi Coast wedding, this area is an ode to the most authentic Italian country.

Cilento is a part of Campania region well known as one of the centers of Mediterranean diet. Visiting this area, you will be overwhelmed by fresh mozzarella scents, delicious ricotta and fresh caciocavallo cheese, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and so much more. Castellabate is a quaint little town (you should absolutely see Made in Sud, a comedy filmed there!) in between the Archeological site of Paestum, Agropoli and Capaccio.
The wedding was far from an elaborate activity with rules and duties; instead, it was all about the true value of time spent in the company of the important people: special friends and family.

Photos are one of the most valuable, long-lasting gifts as they are the only tangible memories that’ll make you happy-cry in the years to come! At Framelines, our focus as storytellers is to capture all of those wonderfully authentic moments and the true relationships between people. As Italy wedding photographers, we are always curious about the unique range of venues we’re so lucky to visit, and Dan and Tamara’s wedding venue was an extremely quiet historic residence in Cilento area that dates to 1860. Stunning Casino di Mare is situated just 50 feet away from the blue Mediterranean Sea, making it an exquisite photography opportunity. It is the kind of location where you can plan your event all in one location. It has five large rooms and can host more than 16 guests. There’s a stunning park too, which will offer privacy and safety if there are younger wedding guests.

Prepare to be dazzled in this authentic alternative to an Amalfi coast wedding!

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