Luxury Hotel Château Monfort, Milan

Kristen and Wesley are from US and they choose Milan as their wedding destination to utter the two most important words in their lives – “I do”. They got ready in the 5-star Luxury Hotel Château Monfort in the heart of the city. Its neo-Romantic style interiors let you play the role in your fairy tale. They held the civil ceremony in the hall of the hotel that with charme and elegance was set up for the event.Wedding-Photographer-Milan Exclusive-Italy-wedding-location Wedding-photographers-Chateau-MonfortWedding-photographers-Chateau-Monfort Milan_Wedding_Photographer-1 Wedding-photographers-Chateau-Monfort Wedding-photographers-Chateau-Monfort-"Cenerentola"-Suite Reportage-wedding-photographers-Milan Reportage-wedding-photographers-Milan-2 Wedding-Photographers-Milan-2 Bride-dress-details Wedding-photographer-Milan-2 Wedding-photographers-Chateau-Monfort-3 Documentary-Wedding-Photographers-Milan-5 Wedding-photographers-Chateau-Monfort-8 Wedding-photographers-Chateau-Monfort-9 Documentary-Wedding-Photographers-Milan-7 Reportage-wedding-photographers-Milan-11 Reportage-wedding-photographer-Milan-10 Reportage-wedding-photographers-Chateau-Monfort-13 raw emotions Wedding-Photographer-Chateau-Monfort-14 Documentary-Wedding-Photographer-Milan-12 Documentary-Wedding-Photographers-Milan-13 Original-wedding-bridal-shoes Wedding-Photographer-Milan-Italy-1 Luxury-wedding-venue-Milan Wedding-photographers-Chateau-Monfort-18 Civil-Ceremony-Chateau_monfort Civil-Ceremony-Chateau-Monfort-4 Wedding-Photographers-Milan-22 Destination-Wedding-Photographers-Italy Wedding-Photographers-Milan-23

After the intimate marriage,  it was time for a 3-hours photo shoot around the city; It was an unusual wedding in Milan simply because unlike every other couple, Kristen and Wesley disagree with the traditional spots. As Documentary Wedding Photographers we were thrilled by the idea and we went for the most unusual locations stayed away from the common, turistic and crowded places such as Duomo or Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.  Something unusual about the bride struck us too. Kristen wore a pair of light blue Converse shoes so that she could explore these amazing contemporary spots. We have never seen such a practical bride as her. She thought through and planned even the most mundane details of the day!
First of all we went in the new contemporary district of Porta Nuova where you could visit Piazza Gae Aulenti one of the most contemporary squares in Milan  and its enchanted vertical garden named after a famous and late Italian architect and designer Stefano Boeri. With its landmarks, post-modern buildings and public plazas we felt that this stage was specifically set for Kristen and Wesley. The images we took here captured their raw emotions and feelings.

Wedding-photographer-Milan-4 Wedding-photographer-Milan-5 Wedding-photographer-Milan-Gae-Aulenti-Square Wedding-photographer-Milan-Gae-Aulenti-Square-2 Verical-Garden-wedding-Photographer-milan Wedding-photographer-Milan-Gae-Aulenti-Square-4 Reportage-wedding-photographers-Milan-26 Documentary-Wedding-Photographer-Milan-21 Reportage-Wedding-photographers-Gae-Aulenti-Square Documentary-wedding-Photography-Milan-railway Wedding-photographer-Milan-6

Exclusive weddings in Milan are made in the Navigli area that is one of the most popular districts well known for its nightlife and arts. While we were walking through the “Colonne of San Lorenzo”,  we have seen a magnificient street art wall, the quintessential graffiti of Milan that portrays Napoleone, Giuseppe Verdi, Manzoni and other once important characters that positively marked the city from ancient times unti nowdays. It was unexpected and it  became at once one of the prettiest backdrop for Kristen and Wesley couple portraits in Milan, we have created here some memorable  shots.  It was a pure street art inspired wedding.  Their passion and enthusiasm was contagious.

Wedding-photographer-Milan-7 Bride-portrait-Naviglio-Grande-Milan Wedding-Photographers-Milano-Navigli Wedding-Photographers-Milano-Navigli-2 Wedding-Photographer-Milan-Naviglio-Grande Wedding-Photographers-Milano-Navigli-4 Wedding-photographer-Milan-8 Reportage-Wedding-Photographer-Milan-Italy-34 Wedding-Street-photography-Milan Wedding-photographer-Milan-9 Graffiti-Bride-Groom-Portrait-Milan Milan-street-hi-story-unusual-wedding-location unusual-brride-groom-portrait-graffiti-milan Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Milan-36 Destination-Wedding-Photographer-Milan-37 tatooed-bride-portrait Wedding-photographer-Milan-10

The highlights of our wedding photo reportage happen when we do shoot in the most exclusive and unusual locations in Milan. This one was one of them. Kristen and Wesley made that happen for us. And we were so proud to be featured as their documentary wedding photographers. The blushing bride and the exclusive wedding locations are surefire features of a marriage that make for the most stunning photographs.

Exclusive-Italy-wedding-location-Chateau-Monfort-Cella-Bacco Exclusive-Italy-wedding-location-Chateau-Monfort-Cella-Bacco Reportage-wedding-photographers-Milan-Chateau-Monfort-32 Reportage-wedding-photographers-Milan-Chateau-Monfort-32 Wedding-photographer-Milan-Chateau-Monfort Bride-Groom-portrait-Chateau-Monfort

Thank you!

Ceremony and Reception Location: Luxury Hotel Château Monfort, Milan
Celebrant: Oksana Filonenko
Photo Shoot: Gae Aulenti Square, Navigli, Colonne di San Lorenzo