A Perfect Destination for Intimate Weddings in Petritoli, Le Marche 

As a Italy wedding photographer, I have the privilege of capturing some of the most special moments in a couple’s life. And when Rosie and Dave asked us to be their Petritoli wedding photographers I knew it was going to be a day to remember.

The beauty and radiance of a blushing bride never cease to amaze us, but Rosie’s was exceptional beyond description. On her wedding day, Rosie had worn a flowing white wedding dress that made her look like a princess in a fairy tale.  And the highlights in her blonde hair caught our eyes on that warm sunny day.

The magnificence of the wedding location harmonized with the exquisiteness of the bride. The village is named Petritoli and it’s immersed in Le Marche  countryside a few kilometers from Adriatic sea. Resplendent with historic features, Petritoli is a perfect location for couples who want to have different backgrounds in one place. The town has been transformed into a wedding-city, offering a range of beautiful locations for the ceremony and reception. The historic Palazzo Mannocchi, the renaissance charming theatre “Teatro dell’Iride” where you can celebrate a civil ceremony, the main square or the town hall garden for the outdoor reception, provided the perfect backdrop for Rosie and Dave’s special day. 

Rosie and Dave exchanged vows in the charming Teatro dell’Iride ( Yes, a theatre civil ceremony !) , surrounded by their closest friends and family, and with the reception overlooking the Le Marche countryside, there was no shortage of beautiful backdrops for my camera.

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Rosie is Australian, and Dave is from England. They were the sweetest couple ever. We were in seventh heavens when we were singled out among the top Petritoli wedding photographers to be the official visual witness commissioned to capture the authentic and humorous moments of their special day, and to create images that will make them happily cry, laugh, and relive their memories for years to come. 

We were equally honored to be doing a wedding shoot in a picturesque location as Palazzo Mannocchi , Petritoli. Being the Italy award-winning wedding photographer , we felt a huge responsibility to live up to their expectations. And we did indeed, which is evident in the stunning images taken.

We were able to capture the fleeting myriad of emotions and feelings of this beautiful couple during the most precious moments of the wedding. It was emotional when friends and family members made moving speeches in honor of the couple; despite the challenges posed by COVID, Rosie’s parents were able to join the celebration through video speeches, making the day all the more special. The civil ceremony ended with the beginning of a sumptuous dinner at the town hall garden overlooking le Marche countryside and dancing all night long.

Rosie and Dave opened the dance floor with fireworks in the background, and the guests could not wait to join them, thanks also to “Il Diavolo e l’Acquasanta” band that rocks! When the dancing caught on the couple decided to leave the guests to their own devices. They then started mingling with the rest of the guests to exchange pleasantries. For us, it was our moment, and we were in our elements. The chivalrous bridegroom was escorting his bride every step of the way, and it was a sight to reckon.

We thoroughly enjoyed being at the wedding of Rosie and Dave not only as Petritoli wedding photographers but as their guests as well. The attention to details in terms of the flower arrangements was impeccable. All credit goes to the Petritoli wedding designers of Turismarche. The outdoor lighting was just right. We did our best to seize any opportunity that captured the different emotional nuances of the bride and the groom. Rosie and Dave deserve nothing but the best, and we wish them the best of luck in their future lives together.

Petritoli holds a special place in my heart. My partner and I met while working at a wedding in this beautiful town, and it’s always a joy to return and capture the magic of other couples’ special days so if you want me as Petritoli wedding photographer please note that I’m just a mail away =)

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Photo: Framelines
Video: Three Monkeys films
WP: Turismarche 
Venue: Palazzo Mannocchi
Band: Il Diavolo e l’acquasanta