Photographer © Francesco Survara

Have you ever thought of organizing a Wedding Moroccan Style? And to even get married in Morocco ? I bet that in this cold winter you really want to be cuddle by this colorful atmosphere…
So let’s head South! Bienvenue à Marrakech! If you have never had the chance to take part in a Moroccan Marriage, let’s do it! It is a unique experience! The recipe is easy, the principal ingredients for a successfull arabian nights theme marriage are just four!

  • The choice of the location: If you decide to Marry in Morocco as Huda and Valerio, have a look at exotic wedding photos in Morocco.They married in the Luxury Riad, Palais Rhoul, a balance between exotic flavor and elegant style.Marrakech offers a wide set of locations: fantastic Desert Camp, Kasbah, Palaces in the middle of the city, Luxury Riads where you can re-energize, enjoy and relax before and after your Wedding Day!Colour is the key, give your guests a visive experience and if you do not want to mix too many colours at once, just pick a few, get your inspiration from the desert, use gold, sandy and white!The designed set of your marriage in Morocco will carry you in a perfect Arabian Nights Wedding.
  • The bride’s beauty care: we like so much this tradition! moroccan brides devote the whole day before the wedding at their own beauty. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up some of your best friends and restore your inner balance in a Hammam Beauty SPA.
  • Enjoy your day!A Marriage in Morocco mean energy and amusement! A real party! Do not think whether everything is going to be perfect, just enjoy and dance at the sound of some traditional music
  • To complete your moroccan style Wedding you should not forget the food.Get lost in the middle of the Marrakech Souk Market, between fruit and spices. Taste some traditional dishes and try to arrange for a Moroccan menu: vegetarian cous cous, a maroccan sweet chicken, tajines, have some mint tea with cakes!
  • Marrakech is a sunny colorful place not so far away, and as well as being an elegant Wedding Location it is also an interesting place to travel to discover an ancient tradition and fantastic landscapes.
    Near the square Jemaa el Fna the tourists fall under the spell of the Souk, trapped between flavors, textures and the scent of Argan oil. And now is the time for a nice cup of mint Tea. Tea is a lifestyle here. Sitting around Mida you talk, you love, you meet up.
    This sharing atmosphere is the deep heart of Morocco.moroccan lifestyle Le Palais Rhoul Marrakesh_Casablanca_Agadir moroccan wedding marrakech Palais Real in Palmaraie moroccan hammam marrakech luxury-wedding-location-morocco exotic-wedding-marrakesh getting-married-morocco luxury moroccan venue wedding-palais-rhoul-marrakesh arabian night wedding reception luxury Palais wedding-party-palais-rhoul-marrakech photo-marriage