The secret  of the granny recipe to create the best wedding pictures ever is mixing together those ingredients:

  • Emotions: photography is emotion. Be yourself, be in love, be natural.
  • The Light: It is dramatic, natural, touching, studied or unexpected, poetic but complicated, the essence of photography.
  • Feeling: if there is the right feeling between the couple and the photographer surely helps to assure a great result.
  • Dynamism : You and your guests need to create an harmonious situation, warm and joyful.
  • The Venue : important but not essential ingredient

Mix together all the ingredients, be generous with the “Emotions” and careful with the natural light it has a strong power but if you could control you will do a magnificent work. Create a positive and dynamic situation where all the guest are comfortable and remember that the pleasant unforeseen could gives that extra special touch at you wedding day! The icing on the cake ? A stunning unusual location!

Here you could find our best pictures selection handmade with passion and years of experience!


What does it make a wedding Real? We could call Real Wedding an unforgettable event where at the end of the day you could say “Everything has been perfect” the couple, the guests, the location and the light, the warm atmosphere. The Real Wedding is the one where we feel free to photograph, where our creativity goes over the work, where we do the most beautiful pictures escaping the traditional with an unique point of view. That’s our “Best of ” in a certain way… Enjoy !

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