handmade photo box

In the Era of digital files, of gigabytes, of images shared on a social network, the printing process for most of the people is an old-fashioned inclination. Some of you think that the money for an album or fine art prints is literally wasted, and for someone, it can be a luxury they cannot afford. An image must be printed to become a Photograph otherwise it is a large amount of unprotected data enclosed in your computer.

An album is a natural consequence of all the pictures, so we are very happy to end the work with a professionally printed product that we personally edit and paginate. The album tells your story that’s why we believe every album is totally designed for the couple’s personal use. We love to do the editing together while suggesting to you the best picture choices in order to create a professional album that won’t be outdated in few years. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further information and see the available items. For many years, we have entrusted the professionality of a 100% made in Italy company that combine handmade binding to the newest technology offering a wide range of utmost quality album. There is a wide materials choice as Fabrics and Eco-Leather in many different colours. From the final selection decision and the pagination approval to printing a photo book, we usually need almost one month. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further information and see the available items.



our products


    Pictures are paginated and directly printed on pages. We always focus our attention on the importance of the images creating a linear composition. The pages, printed on fine art photographic paper, thanks to the cardboard core, could endure for years.
 Coordinate Family book available.


    Pictures are mounted on pages. It is a professional hand-crafted product. The main difference between it and the Photo Book is that the pictures are attached directly to the pages.  In this album, the number of pictures is less than a photo book because we could not use the middle of the page. Coordinate Family Book Available.


    The print box usually is done on paper, plexiglass or wood. It is a 100% customizable item that we will be happy to project together. The pictures printed on fine art paper are usually 15, but we are opened to all your requests. All the prints are mounted on natural color passpartout. Little print box for parents available.


    This is our fully designed and handmade original Usb Box, a little treasure chest that include the Usb with all the high resolution files ready for print and five printed surprise. This Usb Box is delivered to all couples who have chosen a full day wedding photography package. For half day weddings we have designed a littler container but the “Wow” factor is always guarantee! Usually you will receive it almost one month after the wedding day. Inside the box you’ll find also a manteinance note due to the fact that Usb Card  must be copy in several devices to ensure the content for the years to come.