Contemporary photosession in the eternal city

As wedding photographer, Rome means a breathtaking scenery, a large variety of venue and location and of course, a romantic atmosphere! Rome, guardian of the italian artistic treasure, could be the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding in Italy. This will greatly suit you if both of you are planning a religious ceremony in a Great Baroque Basilica or a civil ceremony immersed in the ancient Roman Forum or in a blooming Renaissance garden. Planning your Italian wedding in Rome could be a joyful occasion to be part of the main character of this warm sprawling city. This will mark those intimate moments of your life which you won’t find anywhere else on earth. What makes Rome a must-see city in a lifetime is, the magical atmosphere and the home-feeling that someone experiences while walking around the lovely narrow streets discovering hidden historical vistas. The overwhelming architectural and artistic beauty is the perfect mix of cultures stratified for centuries that will leave you breathless. Also, add the wide selection of food, wine and the mild weather all year round. Rome reveals itself in its multitude subtle and unexpected sights constantly changing with the light. The Basilica’s shape puncturing the skyline will enchant you at the golden hour; you will be in love with this unmatched city, forever.

Get Married in Rome


Historic Sights


Rome boasts of its huge artistic heritage and someone can literally get lost around its architectural gem, paintings sculptures and mosaic works.The historical centre embraced by the Aurelian Walls counts around 25,000 sites of interest, and each of the 22 districts of the main city centre will enchant you. As Rome wedding photographers, we have a deep knowledge of the city and we guarantee you the best Rome photo session experience. This greatly matches couples who love iconic places in the background as Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, Spanish Steps or off-beaten paths and alternative local-life locations. We will ensure that we create an itinerary which is tailored to your needs.

Venue and Locations


If you have planned your wedding in Rome, you will be absolutely amazed by the wide selection of venue and location that will offer you the perfect background for your one in a lifetime event. The best wedding locations in Rome includes; Luxury historical Hotel, Rooftop restaurants with a stunning panoramic viewpoint, Private Baroque or Renaissance villa, Fresco’s palaces, enchanting castles and historic residence immersed in the greenery. Depending on how many guests are expected, you can have the beautiful totally outdoor ceremony and reception. Our suggestion is always to choose a location with an indoor plan B!



Whenever you are planning a religious wedding, a civil ceremony or a symbolic blessing, Rome will offer all kind of structures to celebrate your marriage. It will be hard work choosing between the finest Cathedrals and major Basilicas! Also, you can easily plan your Anglican, orthodox wedding and the Jewish ceremony in the Great Synagogue overlooking the main centre of the city. This will help to create a unique experience. All other kinds of the religious ceremony are welcome, and if you are opting for a civil one, beyond the town hall location in Campidoglio, will also be available. In addition, private gardens such as Villa D’este or the private villas will add to your list if you wish to do a blessing.


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 iconic itineraries rome


Historical sights

Trastevere area is located on the Tiber’s river right bank, and it is one of the oldest pop districts in Rome, which is now the heartbeat of the local nightlife. The best-movida-in-town-reputation changes in the early morning when you could feel spiritually rich even after a walk around the coloured little streets when the art and artigianal manufacturer shops are still closed. Looking up you could still see the laundry on a line, and the coffee smell is all around. The ancient Church Santa Maria in Trastevere is just on the main square, and if after all this architecture you feel a strong natural call, you could experience the hidden botanic garden.

Time photoshooting suggestion: Very Early Morning, Afternoon, Night


Historical sights

With its tiny narrow streets full of Vintage and Artistic shop, the paths that link Pantheon and Piazza Navona and Campo de’Fiori are one of the most scenic locations in Rome. You can’t lose the typical warm coloured wall and the unexpected hidden places such as Sat’Ivo alla Sapienza, Chiostro del Bramante, Jewish Ghetto and the historic must-see Via Giulia.

Time photoshootiing suggestion: Early Morning /First afternoon


Historical sights

The cradle of the most ancient historical side of Rome is enclosed in the 20.000 mg of ruins that include Roman Forum, Palatino Hill and Colosseum. The well known walking path, Via Dei Fori Imperiali, connects Colosseum at Piazza Venezia and is now a pedestrian route and could be an easy starting point for your couple portrait session. If you want a professional photographer in Rome to capture this milestone around the ancient ruins, we will suggest an itinerary off the beaten track.

Time photoshooting suggestion: Very Early Morning, Sunset Time


Historical sights

Spanish Steps have been recently renovated, and the amazing scenery is surrounded by the luxury shopping heart of Rome. It is crowded all year round, but it could be a nice stop before reaching Villa Borghese Park. Its blooming nature, panoramic views and hidden lakes will offer you an intimate location. The Pincio platform, close to Casina Valadier,  overlooks Piazza del Popolo, a sight that will make you become crazy with its stunning panorama.

Time Photoshooting suggestion: All day long


Historical sights

If you are the fun of the Angels&Demons movie, you will probably recognise the final scene filmed inside Castell Sant’Angelo. It is one of the best spots in Rome if you look for an iconic but not very crowded location, and Its proximity with Saint Peter Basilica made it a great location if you want a photo session in both the places. If you have time during the day, it is worth visiting the Cappella Sistina and the papal hidden places inside the Castle recently opened to the visitors

Time photoshootiing suggestion: Morning / Sunset, Dusk


Inspiration for a low-key wedding

Have you ever had the temptation to running away, the two of you, to get married in Rome? If you, bride-to-be, are already stressed and obsessed by the idea to plan a big wedding  you may kidnap your betrothed for a romantic destination elopement in Rome. If you are planning a low-key wedding , and are you looking for inspiration shot ideas, the eternal city could be the perfect backdrop. From the sweeping view to the narrow streets, Rome could offer a wide range of spots because it is full of iconic and romantic sights as well as secret and uncommon views off the beaten path. Being a wedding photographer in Rome means mostly have a very good knowledge about the places in order to suggest the best time schedule to catch the golden light and  to avoid the crowded spots.

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Photosession in Rome

Are you a tourist or a traveller? Each person has his own favourite side of the city, his moment of the day, his colour.That’s why we believe that a photo session has to be much more than a book of pictures taken among the most interesting locations of Rome. We take care about you, our goal is to create a photo-reportage connected with your own story choosing a spot that represents your personality. Enjoy selecting which is the photo experience tour that mostly belongs to you. You will discover uncommon locations far away from the crowded city center. Would you know where the most coloured walls in Rome are? And the big bamboo forest… is it really close to Saint Peter cathedral?Have you ever spent a day in a fantastic Spa in the Castelli Romani villages?

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Success guaranteed!

And what about you? How did he ask to you? On his knees? In a romantic location? To let your Marriage Proposal unique, arm yourself with fantasy and a dash of imagination: remember that astonish is a splendid love’s act! We know all the best timetables to avoid the flow of tourism and the secret spots to share with you. Do you imagine your wedding proposal at the sea, in a park or on board of a fantastic Fiat 500? Thanks to the cocktail of places and experiences this city offers, you have the opportunity to choose the photo tour that mostly represents you and the sentence “Would you like to marry me?” will be unforgettable.

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Tips and Tricks for a Rome best Experience!

outfits suggestion for rome


The perfect outfit for a photosession

The most popular question we receive from most couples is “What do we wear for a photo session?” Our first suggestion is to choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful and relaxed, following your own way of dressing.

  • Coordinate your outfits with a colour palette but do not match. Try a softer colour outfit with just some brightest accessories.
  • The accessories are welcome but do not abuse; sometimes it is better having just a hat, a beautiful jewel, a particular hairdo, a scarf, a papillon, colourful straps, instead of a cocktail of things that result just like a muddle. Try to coordinate it with your partner.
  • Layers and textures are very interesting in terms of photography. Tweed, crochet and lace are surely beautiful. Flowing clothing is also welcome to try to avoid texture like satin that plays a strange role with light.
  • Use clothes that are not over-dated in few years
  • Think about your location and try to find a connection with it. ( for example, if you are in a Vintage location you could wear something like Dolce Vita or a completely different outfit like a punk rock outfit)
  • Avoid Logos, graphics and brand on your clothes, do not shave your hair the day before the shooting with a strange cut or colours.
Planning your wedding


To avoid unexpected surprise!

Rome is one of the most visited Italian cities. Planning your wedding in Rome could be quite complicated if you do not organise it in time due to the fact that most of the Churches and Venues fly off the shelves! Usually, if you are planning to get married in Rome especially in the busiest Months ( June-July-September), during the weekend, and you absolutely want to tie the knot in a high-demanded location, consider making up your mind almost 1 year before the event. If you are planning a low-key wedding, with a civil ceremony, maybe just a blessing and you do not ask for a particular wedding venue, 8/6 months are also enough for a non-EU citizen to complete all the paperwork required. Rome could be very annoying for car transfers in the main area, and if you do not want the traffic jams to stress you and your guests, why don’t you escape in the neighbourhood of the Eternal city? Bracciano and its countryside and Castelli Romani with its Renaissance Villas with great outdoor areas are a good deal. Add the Historical frescoed town hall palace for civil weddings in Ariccia, signed by the well known Bernini, and you would have found a successful alternative way.

weather and season


Mild  temperature all year round!

Rome boasts of a mild weather all year round, except for the hot days ( up to 30 degrees) that could reserve summertime especially in July/August. That allows you to plan your wedding whenever you wish. We could not yet control clouds and rain so be sure always to have a backup plan, just in case! The busiest wedding months are June, July and September because most of the couples dream to set up all the event outdoor. Spring and Autumn time are actually perfect the right temperature ( almost 20-25 degree ) and the long daylight could reserve lovely sunny day. December also is a great period to get married in Rome. The temperature is around 10 degrees, sometimes also more and rainy days are not so common as it is in the deep winter period ( January/February). In addition, you could enjoy the lovely Christmas atmosphere and why don’t you even think about a New years eve wedding to celebrate a double event with your beloved ones!

italian food


A wide selection of local specialities

The first thought when you think about Italy is the quantity and the variety of food and wine. Every region and every city has its own specialities, and you could find Rome’s sign in a huge selection of finger’ licking meals. Rome cuisine typically uses countryside seasonal ingredients. The most iconic must-taste meals if you visit Rome are mainly shared in three categories: Main, Second and side dish. The main course is often Pasta dressed with different sauces: alla Carbonara, all’Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe. For the meat lovers you need to taste Trippa and Abbacchio served with vegetables. Rome has also tourist trap where you could eat a frozen pizza and an overcooked pasta so…be carefull! It is out of habit for Romans eating in “Trattorie” especially during lunch time, you could find everywhere, especially in Testaccio district that is also house of an huge market with a familiar environment where you could eat the Typical italian products.



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