Professional photoshoot in Rome 

As wedding photographers, based in Rome, we have unrivalled knowledge of the city. Below are our top 10 best places to take photos in Rome.
If, after reading our recommendations, you would like to book or buy a gift card for a styled shoot in Rome, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are on hand to help capture memorable moments for you – be that your proposal, a pre wedding or engagement shoot, your honeymoon or even a simple romantic vacation – all of which will have the perfect backdrop of the Eternal city.

Rome view of Tiberina island

  1. Trastevere/Tiberina Island

Romantic , Off beaten Track, Iconic Attractions

Trastevere/Tiberna Island is our immediate answer whenever we, as wedding photographers in Rome, are asked ‘which place do you suggest for a memorable photo shoot?’. Thanks to its labyrinthine streets and lively atmosphere, Trastevere is one of our favourite neighbourhoods to take photos in Rome. The area is a painter’s and photographer’s paradise thanks to its one of a kind and authentic atmosphere. Trastevere has countless hidden treasures and its scenic narrow alleyways are the perfect place for a photoshoot – it is a totally untouched side of the city. The old walls have the most beautiful textures, all in warm colour tones, like red, orange and burnt rose. Even the laundry between the houses starts to become romantic in this part of the city. For specific, beautiful locations to take photos in Trastevere as well as other inspirational images, restaurant trends and local legends, read our article in “issue #1 Rome Magazine” guide ( Yup! It’s up! ). Just leave us your e-mail and you will receive it for free!

Vacation photos rome trastevere district

  1. Testaccio /Aventine  Hill / Circus Maximus

Casual , Alternative, Iconic Attractions

Away from the hustling bustle of the main city center and the tourist mass, there is a district apart called Testaccio that is yet another perfect backdrop to take photos in Rome. Adjacent to the Tiber and Trastevere district, Testaccio has been untouched over the years. The food market with typical Roman street food is one of the best in town and the industrial archeology sites are all in this popular quarter where you can find a quiet village atmosphere. If you are an art lover you will love the murals and the MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Arts). Both make ideal spots for photos. Make sure not to miss the “Jumping Wolf Mural” by the Belgian artist Roa!

Aventino Hill is a classy residential area away from the furore of Rome. You may know Aventine Hill for the little Keyhole on the green wooden door of Knights of Malta gate. Very close to this famous location, is the iconic terrace “Il Giardino Degli Aranci”, which is a great spot to admire one of Rome’s beautiful sunsets.

With a little walk down the hill there is another lovely spot for your photo-session in Rome: Circus Maximus.

  1. Ostiense  /Garbatella

Casual , POP,  Alternative

Those that make it to this location, off the beaten track, really are Rome lovers. Ostiense is the natural extension of Testaccio quarter and it is famous not only for the young nightlife but also for its alternative soul. Our favourite background to take photos in Ostiense is, without doubt, by the murals all over the streets. A truly iconic example is the masterpiece of Blu or the Wall of Fame by the Roman artist Jb Rock.When you come across the “Ponte della Garbatella”, a white contemporary masterpiece, you can understand why it is one of our favourite locations to take photos in Garbatella – the ancient working-class quarter.  The backyards of each home are an open air set where you can still breathe the authentic life of Rome.

View our engagement shoot in Garbatella.

  1. Piazza Navona / Pantheon

Romantic, Iconic Attractions

Even when you are in the main historic center, with a swarm of tourists around you, the power of the buildings and narrow little streets will seduce. For our styled shoot, we recommend the Piazza Navona and Pantheon area because they are two of the most enchanting locations for any photo shoot in Rome! Naturally, we will suggest how to avoid crowds and find some secret spots in between the two main squares for the most intimate of sessions, in one of the most popular areas!

Vacation photos rome pantheon

  1. Jewish Ghetto /Campo de Fiori

Casual, Iconic Attractions

As well as Trastevere, Campo de Fiori and Jewish District are another main area built around narrow alleys, little squares and ancient churches. Campo de Fiori is home to an expensive food and veg market, open Monday to Saturday, but in the evenings it transforms into a vibrant hub with open air cafe. Iconic and full of interesting spots, the artisan streets are adjacent to the main square. The Jewish Ghetto dates back to 1555, when Papa Bull required all the Jews in Rome to live in one area. After three centuries it was abolished and completely reconstructed. Now, it is one of the best places to take photos in Rome thanks to its narrow little alleys and the beautiful corner named “Via Portico d’Ottavia” adjacent to “Marcello theatre”.

  1. Coliseum / Roman Forum / Monti district

Iconic Attractions, Ancient Ruins, Romantic

Colosseum and Roman Forum are two of the most visited and photographed places in the world. It is the perfect set for romantic photos in Rome or for a surprise proposal as well. Whilst sunset will always be a memorable time for a shoot, we always prefer an early morning session to ensure that it is you alone in your pictures – not amongst a mass of tourists. However, if you prefer golden hour beside the Colosseum, we recommend a shoot that takes place along the Palatine Hill, Piazza del Campidoglio and the two terraces with a stunning view all over the ruins.  Monti District is just after the forum area and it is the new Hipster-alternative-artistic-trendy location in Rome. You can’t miss the last Chic pre-wedding shoot in Colosseum!

Vacation photos rome

  1. Castel Sant’Angelo and Vatican Area

Rome by night, Iconic Attractions

There is no gift more romantic than one that surprises your partner – and a styled photo session in Castel Sant’Angelo and Vatican city at sunset or dusk will do just that. There are no shortage of options for backdrops in this area. They include by the river or by the Castle with its lights in the background – amongst many many others. However, we love Castel Sant’Angelo – it is one of our favourites and the perfect spot if you are looking to do a surprise proposal for your loved one or a classic photo session in Rome. The area has plenty of hidden spots as well as the famous, iconic buildings that are a symbol of our great Italian capital.

  1. Trevi Fountain / Spanish Steps /Villa Borghese Park

Iconic Attractions, Terrace with view

Having a memory of this well known spot is what most tourists or newlyweds want. However, as there are gorgeous locations to take photos all over Rome, we are never overly thrilled to arrange a photo session around the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps due to the high amount of tourists from very first light. That being said, if you are really brave and you do not want to give up the chance to have this truly iconic “Dolce Vita” scenery, the best time for a photo session near the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps is in the early just as the sun rises. Our photography session in this area usually ends in Villa Borghese Park, landscaped on an elevated position along a west facing hill. With its view through the city at sunset, it is one of the most romantic in town.

Vacation photos rome villa borghese park

  1. Appia Antica Road

Casual, Natural environment , Iconic Attraction

For the discerning customer who enjoys peace, quietness and space in beautiful surroundings, the Regional Archeological park of Appia Road is the option for you. This ancient Roman road is set a few miles away from the main city center in a tranquil “ruins” setting, which is perfect for relaxing or a base for touring by bike. Not to be missed are the archeological sites  “Parco degli Acquedotti”, “Cecilia Metella Mausoleum”  or  “Villa dei Quintili”. These are just a few names from an area of rich archaeological heritage given its 2300 years of history. More information can be found on the official website:

  1. Ostia Antica

Iconic Attractions, off beaten track, romantic

Having a photo session in Ostia Antica Archaeological park is a wonderful opportunity not only to discover where the day to day people lived in many a year gone by, (the Forum Area close to the Colosseum was just for Emperors or the rich), but also to have a styled photo session in one of the great ancient archeological sites of the world – without the crowds. Ostia Antica is only a few kilometers away from the center of Rome, but very few tourists come here. In addition, the little hamlet, adjacent to the park, is extremely quaint. The secluded, natural spots are ideal if you want an open air picnic with the beautiful pinewood forest providing shade.

So are you still sure that your selfie stick is fabulous and that your “strike a pose and smile” photos are a good souvenir of your trip to Rome? Instead,  a unique and memorable way to remember your engagement or honeymoon is to book a professional styled shoot in Rome with a photographer who will capture your holiday in a creative way and if do not know how to dress for a photoshoot in Rome check our guide.
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We offer photography packages tailored to your needs (1 – 3 hours long). Plus as well as artsy and creative portraiture, you have the chance to use a local photographer with a deep knowledge of the city. We usually try to avoid the crowded times of the day and we love to let you know secret locations!

Pick a spot from the selection above that appeals most to you and, with our help, you will discover hidden points far away from the crowded city center!