The story of the sparkling Canadian couple Carmela and Joe’s been a love race under the rain.
They’ve started their romantic tour from Cinque Terre, getting carried away by the artistic atmosphere of Florence, enjoying the sun in Amalfi Coast and finally arriving in Rome “the eternal city”, lovely set of their sweet engagement photo tour riding a red Vespa.
They’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Colosseum before arriving in one of the most ancient and characteristic district of the city: looking around the district of Garbatella riding a fire-red Vespa means to experience Rome of sixties again where the laundry drying at the light of the sun and people talking in front of a strong coffee. The faded walls of Garbatella houses are mixed up with vivid colorful murals where the sportive Carmela and Joe’ve had a funny time.
When the evening turn on the orange street light , the chaotic city suddenly stop to make noise to leave time to the romantic atmosphere of rome by night: St. Peter, St. Angel Castel, Gianicolo. These magnificent places’ve left Carmela and Joe breathless! After having parked the red Vespa the two lovers keep on enjoying the wonderful landscape of Rome that spread out in front of their eyes.
Thanks to Carmela and Joe the rainy day’s become a sunny experience!

Couple: Carmela and Joe
Location: Rome
Photographer: Francesco

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