In the early hours of a Saturday morning, the beautiful streets of Rome are already bustling with scooters as locals enjoy a morning coffee on their way to work and stroll past major tourist attractions, now lonely in all their grandeur. For weekday workers, waking up before sunrise five days a week makes for a tiring Saturday morning but if you want to be part of a professional photoshoot experience around this magical city, waking early on a Saturday morning is a must if you want a chic engagement shoot in Rome.

For just few hours on a Saturday morning, Noemi and Gabriele were able to forget the bustling city they have lived in since they were born and instead had a leisurely walk around empty Rome streets. Starting from the Colosseum, which looked charming thanks to the light that filters through its arches, the couple worked their way through the stunning streets of Rome.

It was a perfect day to capture a postcard-worthy photo of these two lovebirds. A chic and elegant couple, extremely classy in their behaviour, even if wearing jeans and white t-shirts. Gabriele was often sweetly side-tracked by Noemi’s confidence and charm. I’ve known them for a while now and was fascinated by the love between them! I met their request to have the Colosseum in the background but they didn’t want to fall into the trap of having the same Colosseum backdrop as other couples so we explored the background in a different, unique way.

When doing a professional photoshoot in Rome ( check here other hidden spots for the perfect photoshoot in Rome) , I always look for authentic vibes and perfect lighting to set the scene. With Noemi and Gabriele, it was easier than ever thanks to their self-confidence in front of the camera and the positivity they brought to the photoshoot. They oozed a yellow, red and green aura – yellow for positivity, red for love and green for their future hopes and dreams of their lives together.

Having said that, if you feel a bit self-conscious or less confident in front of the camera, I am always here to help and offer some guidance if you want it. What’s the best time for me to get to know you as a couple if not a pre-wedding photoshoot? I guarantee you won’t need a ‘photoshoot for dummies’ book – I’m sure you’ll be perfect in all your authenticity and love for one another! If it helps, we’ve written a blog post about our top three tips for a successful photoshoot in Rome.

Forget those awkward, posed photoshoots; ours will be a no-pressure experience and I can’t wait to highlight your personalities as individuals and as a couple! We can choose the perfect backdrop together. Personally, I love backgrounds from wild nature to industrial areas as long as you trust me about the best time of the day for the photoshoot.

You can customise your photoshoot experience for a proposal, an engagement celebration, a maternity shoot, a bridesmaids trip or a family one. Photoshoot packages usually last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. If you love the idea and you want to jump into this experience, get in touch with us. I can’t wait to meet you!

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