Ancient Spanish tradition for an unusual ceremony in Latin!

This is the story of an ageless love. This is the story of two shine, dynamic and lovely people that have celebrated their elegant and intimate marriage In the Church of Saint Anne in the Vatican City.
We take part always in different kind of religious ceremony but we really love this wedding photoreportage at the Vatican City .

Saint Anne in the Vatican is a 1565 church designed by the Renaissance architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola that planned an elliptical with eight side chapels interior. At first the inner walls were white, showing the typical renaissance color of the travertino, but after the mid 18th century the church was redecorated with Baroque typical ornament plenty of gilt and stucco.

The nave of Saint Anne had a nice incense smell, and the ticking of the priests steps was the only thing that stopped the silence. A beam of light seep through the little window lighting up Richard and Vianney, the few guests and the cardinal red dress . A solemn, deep, spiritual place suspended in another timeless dimension far away from every day life. The Ceremony was strictly connected to Vianney’s Colombian/Spanish origins; the lace wedding veil, that all the female guests wore and “The Arras” or the exchange of the money as representation of the bridal dowry, were Spanish ancient wedding traditions. The religious ritual has been in Latin, as ancient tradition wants, and it was celebrated by the cardinal. Thanks to the majesty of the church, the intensity of the ceremony, the Vianney’s son voice that have sung a wonderful “Ave Maria”, the emotion that we have caught, it has been an incredible Wedding Photoreportage at the Vatican City . Thank you, Richard and Vianney to have kept all these ancient traditions, it has been an enchanting ceremony!

A brief tour of Rome before reaching the Luxury five star Boutique Hassler Hotel very closed to Spanish Steps, where guests were enjoing the aperitif time with a beautiful classical music on the background.
We really hope you could always remember your wedding thanks to our unusual Photoreportage at the Vatican city!
All the best!

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