Remote castle elopement in Umbria , Rocca dei Trinci

Imagine a ruined medieval castle dating back to XIV. Now imagine the historic castle transformed into a charming hotel, located in a remote place far from of touristic tracks, immersed in an authentic part of the Umbria region. Then imagine a cool Aussie couple, Nic and Ruby, with 15 guests at their very intimate, laid-back elopement in Umbria all in one location: Rocca dei Trinci.

Nic and Ruby opted for a five-hour photographic service. For a Umbria wedding photographer, being around for just a few hours means documenting all the key moments with an artsy reportage touch. Usually this kind of reduced service includes everything between getting ready and the speeches at the beginning of dinner time and it could be a great option if couples are on a budget.

It was one of the most powerful elopement in Umbria we’ve ever been to in terms of warmth and emotional involvement. If you keep reading, I’ll tell you why we feel like this wedding sets up the trend of 2024 season:

  1. It was an intimate elopement in a remote setting
  2. The couple opted for a superb food experience
  3. There were additional low-key elements and easy going planning that made all the difference
  4. Nic and Ruby combined their elopement and honeymoon all in one
  5. The wedding services were provided by local, sustainable companies and professionals

    Ruined castle wedding in italy1. It was an intimate elopement in a remote setting
    We’re personally more into a wedding somewhere out of our comfort zone than a pompous one; that’s why elopements are one of our favourite types of weddings! We’re enthralled and inspired by couples who travel thousands of miles away until they find the perfect remote place to tie the knot.  I know, prices are increasing and flights aren’t cheap anymore, but is there a better occasion to get off the couch, see your besties getting married and visit a corner of paradise? Some well-known places in Italy are under assault when it’s time for a destination wedding or elopement (as seen as Positano, Sorrento and San Galgano Abbey to name just a few) but you’d be able to live more intensely the moment and at the same time discover a (personally)  unexplored place on Earth if you opt for a genuine, off-the-beaten-track part of the country.
    This choice brings out a couple’s curious and adventurous spirit! Rocca dei Trinci boasts fabulous medieval castle ruins dating back to XIV sec immersed in Appenine mountains. It is now a charming Hotel and only hosts a limited number of weddings each year to keep its authentic, unique vibe, and that makes it even more real and attractive.Rocca dei trinciUmbria elopementUmbria Wedding photographer Rocca dei Trinci2. The couple opted for a superb food experience

    I’m predicting that 2024 wedding trends are mostly related to exquisite food experiences. Italy is well known for the variety and quality of the food, and getting married here it guarantees that you’ll taste a high level of delicatessen and specialties. But you can even find the best catering among the best that creates for you a superb food experience.
    The couple chose to delight their 15 guests with ‘Une restaurantcatering. This is a cocktail of tradition and innovation, creating a sensational dinner under the stars.

    Une is a gastronomic project that take into a new light the Umbrian forgotten products that just aren’t used anymore except in the memories of those who live here.

    3. There were additional low-key elements and planning that made all the difference

    Even more couples are opting to reduce the scale of their event instead of cutting corners in terms of quality, and many couples are choosing professionals that with a natural-authentic-empathic touch help to make the day completely unique.
    Elopement’s schedule of the day is often smoother: a slow-going, relaxed elopement, in harmony with the natural time and with no pressure or hard schedule – and, of course, with just a  handful of guests, you can glide through the wonderful event feeling calm and relaxed. Nic and Ruby’s team of wedding planners ( Weddings Italy by Regency – )  were so professional, and this is often a great solution for couples who want someone to plan and supervise during the day in a very natural, non-overbearing way.
    Many professional photographers are often asked for ‘reportage photography’ instead of posed photos especially for an elopement in Umbria. Couples often choose freshly picked flowers (sometimes directly from the venue garden) or even olive branches bouquets, and the bride often wears a sustainable wedding dress to create a relaxed, informal look. In a similar way, brides’ hairstyles are regularly becoming more of a sleek blow-dry rather than a formal updo – simply an elevated version of their everyday style.
    Plus, if you ask a few trusted guests to be part of the planning, this makes it much easier to avoid stress, and it gets your loved ones involved in the joy of the big day.

    Elopement 2024 trends
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    4. Nic and Ruby combined their elopement and honeymoon all in one

    The thing is, when you get married on the other side of the world, you can combine your wedding with a unique honeymoon experience, maybe sharing part of it with your loved ones. Living  on the other side of the globe for a couple of weeks (or even a month!) with the people you care most about in the world is a precious once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Nic and Ruby did a magnificent trip around Italy and Europe, and after the elopement in Umbria siblings joined them for the last part of the vacation – a time in their lives they will truly never forget.

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    5. The wedding services were provided by local, sustainable companies and professionals

    In recent years, couples have been more eco-conscious and aware of their carbon footprint so they often prefer to choose local small businesses and professionals so that they can show their support and put money back into the local economy. The ideal professional is someone empathic and with a defined professional personality who really cares about you as a couple and have an eye for the planet. It’s great if they also have an eye for sustainable wedding ideas. As wedding photographers, we are a small business focused on quality, mainly run by a woman, and we are conscious about the planet. Even if the road is still long, here’s what we currently do to be eco-friendly:

  • All our contracts, invoices and other business documents are done online – even the first contact with you if you are not in the country could be through a videocall.
  • We delivered the high-resolution photos online with a private web gallery.
  • All our print suppliers are carbon-free and based in Italy to reduce the delivery transport distance and carbon For international couples, we’ll suggest various trusted international high-end suppliers and we’ll help with the printing process.
  • All the batteries we use for our photographic equipment are rechargeable.We are also proud to help protect the Mediterranean and Ocean Ecosystem so for every couple that books one of our full-day wedding packages, we donate money to Sea Shepherd Ocean Conservation Organization
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    Ruined castle wedding in italy
    Umbria Wedding photographerUmbria Wedding photographerPhotographer: Framelines 
    Wedding Planner: Weddings Italy by Regency –
    Venue: Rocca dei Trinci ( Via Fiorenzuola, 12, 06034 Capodacqua PG)
    Catering: Une Restaurant