Castello di Rosciano,  the Perfect Venue for an Indian Wedding in Umbria

Imagine this: a charming old castle in Umbria, surrounded by a riot of colors. Beautiful ladies in intricately embroidered sarees and dapper gentlemen in sherwani and stylish suits. You’re about to witness the most vibrant, warm, and downright fun Indian wedding in Umbria of Neesha and Karan from UK ( do you know Perugia has a direct flight to London?)

Coincidences have a way of becoming visible, and for us, this year was all about joy, colors, and Indian weddings – our Pantone 2023. Neesha and Karan’s Indian wedding in Umbria was a fusion masterpiece, breaking the mold by tying the knot in an Etruscan castle in Italy, Castello di Rosciano. They blended traditional Indian attire with global guests, spiced up the henna ceremony with personal touches, all while keeping ancient rituals alive.

In a world that’s leaning towards uniformity, their celebration was a breath of fresh air. The three-day extravaganza kicked off with a welcome dinner and a Haldi ceremony.

Indian wedding Umbria Rosciano Castle

Haldi Ceremony in Umbria

Alright, picture this – the scene is drenched in a warm and lively yellow, not just setting a mood but sparking an idea and an expectation. Wrapped up in all this yellow goodness, my first thought (never having been to a haldi ceremony before) was like a burst of rebirth, emotional rollercoaster, rock-solid commitment, and downright profound joy. And let me tell you, I was far from disappointed!

Now, this pre-wedding shindig, also known as pithi, tel baan, gaye holud, ubtan, or mandha depending on where you are in India, is usually a small, exclusive affair. Think select few, taking turns with gestures and words, basically creating a turmeric masterpiece on the soon-to-be-weds.

And why turmeric, you ask? Well, besides turning you into a golden vision, it’s got some killer exfoliating properties – think shedding dead skin cells and getting that glow-up. It all adds up; this ritual is like a couple’s version of decluttering, making room in the heart by letting go of what’s no longer needed.

Now, here’s the grand finale – a pure joy explosion with a mini holi ceremony, coloured powders flying everywhere! It’s like stepping into a technicolor dream where fun knows no bounds!

Haldi Pithi ceremony in UmbriaHaldi ceremony photographerpithi ceremonyIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano CastleFramelines wedding photographer indian weddinghaldi ceremonyholi ceremony Indian wedding Umbria Rosciano CastleIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano Castle

Mehndi Ceremony in Umbria

As an art lover and illustration enthusiast, witnessing the henna masterpieces on Neesha’s hands and feet was a delight. These symbols aren’t just designs; they’re a form of communication. It’s incredible how an ancient ritual can evolve into something so contemporary. The patterns weren’t your typical textures; they were personal, distinctive, downright identifiable designs. The evening mehndi ceremony wrapped up with traditional dances – a temptation we somehow managed to resist.

New tradition mehindi ceremonyIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano Castlemehndi ceremony photographyUmbria wedding photographer indian weddingMehndi dance partymehndi dance partyUmbria wedding photographer indian wedding

Hindu wedding ceremony Umbria

The anticipation was real as the vibrant ceremony unfolded, creating an atmosphere that embraced everyone, regardless of their familiarity with Indian traditions. The wedding planner  and Guru Parth worked their magic, ensuring that every guest, no matter their background, could not only witness but truly be a part of the Hindu wedding ceremony. From sacred rituals to heartfelt moments, it was a celebration that left an indelible mark on all of us.

hindu wedding bride outfit
Indian wedding Umbria Rosciano Castle jewelryhindu bride photographyUmbria wedding photographer indian weddingindian groom outfithindu ceremony groom

Here’s a quick rundown of what we witnessed

  1. Baraat/Jaan – The Grand Arrival: Your guy, turban on point during Sehra Bandi, leading a party on the move. Live music, dancing, and bridesmaids aiming for the groom’s shoes – a rom-com scene!Baraat/jaan ceremonyIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano Castle groom arrivalBaraat/Jaan partyHindu ceremony groom arrivalIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano Castle
  2. Var Puja – Modern Respect for the Groom: Your groom, almost a deity, with Var Puja at the mandap turning into a spectacle. Sweet drinks flow, foot-washing in yogurt, honey, and ghee – a chic cultural experience. Have a look at the groom arrival of the other indian wedding we’ve done a couple of years ago: Tuscany sikh and hindu wedding
  3. Kanya Aagaman – The Bride’s Grand Entrance: Your grand entrance, parents by your side, a veil adding mystery – like walking your personal red carpet.bride arrival hindu ceremonythe first look hindu ceremony
  4. Lakshmi Puja – Blessings Fit for a Modern Goddess: Parents showering blessings, symbolically washing your foot – turning you into a modern-day Goddess of Wealth.
  5. Jay Mala – Garlands: Exchanging garlands, sealing the deal on your new life – the ultimate promise of infinite love. Cue the heart-eyed emojis!
  6. Kanyadaan/Hasta Melap: Officially bound – body, mind, and soul. Parents handing you over, hoping your spouse becomes the real MVP.
  7. Gath Bandan: Partner’s scarf tied to your veil, Maharaj dropping mantras like the latest hit. The eternal union of two modern souls.hindu ceremony photographer in umbria
    Indian wedding Umbria Rosciano Castle
    indian wedding photographer
  8. Agni Puja: The sacred fire lit as the VIP guest – symbolizing purity and all things on fleek!
  9. Mangal Pheras – Fire Circles: You and your partner circling the fire four times, each round representing life goals. A fun race to the seat – whoever sits first rules the roost!hindu ceremony photographer in umbriahindu ceremony photography
  10. Sapta Padi – Seven Sacred Steps for Modern Romance: Taking seven vows, ticking all the boxes of the ultimate relationship goals checklist.sapta padi ceremony during hindu weddng
  11. Sindoor & Mangal Sutra – IOfficial Marriage: Insta-official after vows – Sindoor on the forehead, Mangal Sutra around the neck, leveling up your relationship status.Indian wedding Umbria Rosciano CastleIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano Castlerituals for indian wedding destination in Italy
  12. Kansar – Feed Each Other, Love Each Other: Sweet offerings symbolize more than dessert – a pledge to nourish each other with all heart and soul.hindu wedding ceremony photographer
  13. Akhand Sabbagyavati – Whispered Blessings: Married women dropping Insta-worthy blessings into your ear – wishing for a lifetime of joy, a secret society of love and good vibes.
  14. Vidaai – Bye Bye, Singlehood Chic! The grand finale – tossing rice for good vibes, bidding farewell to the past, embracing the future. It’s a mic-drop moment for your single life!Indian wedding Umbria Rosciano CastleIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano CastleIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano CastleIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano CastleIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano CastleIndian wedding Umbria Rosciano Castleumbria wedding photographerumbria wedding photographerUmbria wedding photographerUmbria wedding photographer Francesca VitulanoUmbria wedding photographer Francesca VitulanoUmbria wedding photographer Francesca VitulanoUmbria wedding photographer Francesca VitulanoUmbria wedding photographer indian weddingUmbria wedding photographer Francesca VitulanoUmbria wedding photographer Francesca VitulanoUmbria wedding photographer indian weddingUmbria wedding photographer Francesca VitulanoUmbria wedding photographer Francesca VitulanoUmbria wedding photographer Francesca VitulanoUmbria wedding photographer Francesca Vitulanoframelines wedding photographerindian dance party

Thank you Neesha and Karan for this unforgettable adventure.
And you , future couple, If you’d want us onboard of your magic indian wedding in Umbria you absolutely need to write us a message!

The special wedding team:

Wedding Planner: Best Indian Wedding Italy
Video: Thomas de Lorenzo
Second Photographer: Giuliano del Gatto
Hindu celebrant: Guru Parth

Catering: Haveli indian restaurant Firenze
Flower designer: Fiore all’Occhiello