Umbria wedding at Casa Bruciata, Preggio

Wedding in Umbria? Thrilled when couples opt to celebrate their special moments in this area, especially at the captivating Tenuta di Casa Bruciata. Not just because it’s the area where I grew up, but perhaps because it’s one of the places I know inside out. This allows me, in addition to offering a photographic service in Umbria, to dish out tips on places to check out beyond the usual ‘Top 10’ lists you’ll find in your typical guidebook.

If there’s one thing I’d like to contribute to changing, it’s the way we advertise ourselves abroad. Italy often appears as a destination for mass tourism, a fleeting experience of pasta, pizza, and works of art. And when it comes to getting hitched in Italy, it’s like Tuscany, Lake Como, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast are hogging the limelight. Accompanied by the sound of the mandolin and a flashy red Vespa, it seems not worth visiting anything else. They’ve tried to turn a culture that thrives on diversity into a one-size-fits-all deal, making those untouched spots practically vanish. But every nook and cranny here is bursting with history, traditions, its own lingo, and some lip-smacking grub just a short drive away.

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Most foreigners tying the knot in Italy do it for more than just the vows – it’s a chance for a cheeky break with their nearest and dearest. What better way to spend some quality time with your loved ones, right? Nat and Matt traveled almost 15,000 km to reach a small paradise in the Upper Tiber Valley: Tenuta di Casa Bruciata. Their wedding in Umbria was a cool mix of old-school vibes and modern twists. It’s heartening to witness such a special couple choosing a lesser-explored region like Umbria for their celebration. Umbria, with its hidden gems, historical richness, and authentic charm, becomes the canvas for a love story that transcends borders.

As a female photographer based in Umbria, it’s not just about capturing images but also about showcasing the genuine beauty and diversity of this region. Nat and Matt’s celebration was not confined to picturesque landscapes; it became a genuine cultural exchange, a testament to the magic that happens when different worlds come together. The Tenuta di Casa Bruciata, with its rustic elegance and warm hospitality, played host to a celebration that was a true reflection of the couple’s personalities. The exchange between the Aussie way of life and the Umbrian traditions became a bridge, connecting two worlds that, at first glance, might seem worlds apart.

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This is the essence of what Umbria offers as a wedding destination—an intimate connection with the surroundings, an authentic cultural experience, and the opportunity to create memories that go beyond the conventional. It’s a reminder that there is beauty in the undiscovered, and there is magic in embracing the unique offerings of each small corner of the world. Nat and Matt’s wedding in Umbria serves as an inspiration to those seeking an alternative to the well-trodden paths. It encourages a shift in perspective, inviting couples to explore the less-explored regions of Italy and discover the richness that lies beyond the popular tourist spots.

In the end, their celebration wasn’t just about the stunning photographs; it was a testament to the power of love to transcend boundaries, merge cultures, and create a truly unforgettable experience. Umbria, with its authenticity and diversity, proved to be the perfect canvas for a love story that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Photographer: Framelines , Francesca
Venue: Tenuta di Casa Bruciata
Flower designer: Roberta Turco